API feature request

Hello Watch2Gether,

i would make a suggestion for the API.

What i have in mind is that there are more settings that you can change on creation AND afterwards with post request.

What in-Code should change:
“w2g_api_key” : “”,
“share” : “Cute and Funny Cat Videos to Keep You Smiling! 🐱 - YouTube”, // URL of the video to share -
“bg_color” : “#00ff00”, // Background color of the room in HTML notation - optional
“bg_opacity” : “50” // Background opacity of the room (0 - 100) - optional
“moderated” : “true” // optional
“share-playlist” : [“a”, “b”, “c”] // either share or this only one
“title” : “Title of the room” // optional
“tempchannel” : “true” // if the room should “self destruct” if there isnt any activity optional but the
api can make only X - times “permanent” channels
“temptimeout” : “5” // the time in minutes max 30 mins idk… the room should “self destruct”
optional standard 5 and only needed if tempchannel is true
“location” : “EU / America etc.” // Location of the room

and it should have the possibility that you can retrieve afterwards any what you created with the “id” and possible change it, or rather just check if there is a room open.

Yeah i know a lot of “requests” xd but some should come true like that you can retrieve data from specific id or streamkey or rooms from the api - key owner

Thanks Pdzly


Thanks for your feedback and your ideas for the API. There will be an update within the next month which will include some of your proposals!