API Change Request + Affilliate Program


Could you push an update to the API that would allow the ‘requester’ to not show in the list of users in the room?

My code is currently generating rooms using the API but I think it would look cleaner if this user was not displayed as a member of the lobby.

Also, I know this is a big ask, but are there any plans for an affiliate program - e.g. A small amount of ‘ad money’ or other reward for developers who attract a lot of traffic to the site?


Hi & thanks for your input. A room always needs an owner and currently that’s always the user who created the room OR the user the API key is associated with. Changing that would make things much more complicated since you would have to provide the id of another user who should become the owner instead. I’ll think about a consistent way to improve that in the future. Thanks for your input about the affiliate program, never thought about! It would be a nice incentive but setting up an affiliate scheme including reporting & payment and all related legal aspects is most likely not an option at the moment.