There is a really low amount of anime’s on Youtube so maybe add a anime player/website to the list of websites that we can browse? because I like watching anime with my friend but it’s really annoying to stop when we need to go for a second so yeah if you could do it that would be amazing


Do you know any anime platforms that provide their content in a legal way and have cleared the copyrights? Im happy to widen the choice of video sources but i have to implement it i legally valid way.

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I believe crunchyroll, and funimation are legal ones I beleive. (since they offer subs, and go to cons, and so on). Crunchyroll’s videos are free with adds, but subbed there are none so you might want to looking into those two.

Thanks, i’ll check out these two services!

i think kissanime is legal if you ask me it is the biggest anime website

Kissanime is not legal. They obtain their anime illegally. The legal websites for anime include… Amazon (They just started), Funimation, Hulu (might lose anime or already did I think they still have anime), Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Daisuki I believe all are legal.

Adding a way to watch anime would be quite wonderful but it’d take quite awhile for that to happen I assume. As for now I use workarounds to avoid this problem.

Thanks for listing the alternatives. Im constantly looking for new sources that can be included in Watch2Gether. The legal aspect is important as well as the availability of an API that allows the technical integration.

Even better than kissanime tbqh. :grinning:

Pretty sure thats an illegal anime website as well.

please add burning series:


Pretty sure that is also an illegal streaming website so that is a definite no.

Thanks for your input. Burning Series looks to me like a platform that hosts unlicensed content. It’s therefore not possible to include it in Watch2Gether.

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So will you add it or I’ll have to make a company out of it? :joy:

Good motivation :wink: I’ll do my very best…

I think the pages

are legal and include between many and all episodes, so I’d wish them to be added.

Cool thank you. I’ll check out these sites…

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What about Anime Lab?

How about you make it so that instead of a video player, people can go on any website url together (maybe one person has control over the others). This way any sites can be used to stream stuff which is not only limited to anime, e.g films, tv shows, etc.

Hi! This is already possible to some extend. Checkout W2gSync:

How to use W2gSync

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Instead of exclusively adding support for an anime site and proclaiming that you can stream anime for free on watch2gether, you can maybeee add support for specific anime servers!

For example mycloud or other servers (I’ll provide a list later).

Since like, the only thing watch2gether would be doing is adding support for specific servers and not actually hosting the anime (neither proclaiming it), it would be pretty legal.

Plus like, there are a variety of videos on those servers, not all are anime. Just like there are a variety of videos on youtube. Not all are…as they say… according to guidelines. And are still up and streamable since no one has yet reported em.

Bottomline is, if you say “Insert link of a mycloud video to watch” or “insert link of a page and watch2gether would search for a mycloud video on it” and the user inserts the link of an anime video and streams it…

It isn’t watch2gether’s fault.
It isn’t user’s fault either because streaming an uploaded video on a sharing site isn’t a crime.
It isn’t that site’s fault either on which the video was uploaded, because its simply a file sharing site.

The fault is of that user who uploaded it on that site in the first place, but nobody knows who he is or where he is.