Allow others to add videos to a personal playlist?

I made a personal playlist with songs to be able to load it up again and somebody else wants to add some songs to it. Is there a way to allow them to add songs to the playlist?

Thanks for your question. A personal playlist is only for you and can not be altered by anyone else. You could ask others to suggest videos (or paste a link into the chat) from there you can ad them to your personal playlist. Hope that helps! Florian

Ok that sucks. But thank you for the answer

I understand. You ccould still create a regular playlist (non personal) were everyone can add videos?

I would love to have the playlist saved so that I can load it up again. And the only thing I know that allows me to do that is the personal playlist

Yes you are right. This is a limiation at the moment. Im sorry to not have a better answer this time…

Everything is fine. I’m very thankful for your response. Is there a possibility that something like this could be added in the future?

Yes, there plans for a more sophisticated playlist manager which would allow to clone, copy, move playlists. But this this requires some bigger changes on how the playlists are stored and in therefore a bit more difficult to schedule in. But it’s definitely on the todo list.

That is great to hear. Thank you very much

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