All videos keep rewinding a second or two, messing the audio

I’ve tried clearing the cookies, using different browsers, and checking my connection. I’ve tried many things but nothing seems to fix it. It started happening a month or two ago and it’s making it very annoying to use watch. The audio keeps rewinding every so often just one second or two and then the song skips a few seconds and continues playing before rewinding two seconds again. This happens multiple times, almost every 15 seconds. It’s very annoying.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! From which platform are you watching videos when this happens? Youtube? And i would need to know which browser and version your are using. Thanks!

This happens both on my Windows desktop and my Mac laptop. I mainly use Google chrome in both of them (updated to the latest version: Version 89.0.4389.90). The platform I use when this happens is Youtube. I only play Youtube videos, so I don’t know if the problem extends to other platforms. I tried using Firefox to see if it was a problem with my browser (while using my desktop) and I encountered the same issue there too.

Thanks for the details. It’s normal that a video skips a little bit at the beginning when the system makes it play in sync with everyone else. But this should stop after a little while and not repeat every 15 seconds. Do you see the same issue when you create a new room just for yourself and play a video?

I was testing it right now from my laptop in a room (by myself) and I haven’t encountered the issue yet. However, yesterday I was in a room by myself while using my desktop (after my friend left) and the issue never went away.

Do you sometimes have issues with your internet connection?

I usually have 70 MG/s download speed, so I don’t think it’s my internet. I have used w2g since 2016 on the same devices and nothing has changed about my set-up. Do you roll updates on the site? I was thinking that maybe it was happening because of an update since it started out of nowhere, but I’m not sure.

Yes sure there are constantly updates. When this happens can you make a right click on the site, select “Inspect” and send me a screenshot of the “Console” to

That could help to spot the cause of the issue.

Check the video playback speed. If you have some plugin the slows videos or speeds them up, it could cause skipping for the non host

Yes good point. If your system clock in not running correctly could be another cause.