All I need ;) - many ideas


My group and I use w2g every week, but we are missing some features to make it perfect!!!

  • Keep history. When new people arrive, they cant read the history from the beginning of the session.
  • Submit a welcome message (where we can add tips, advices, and details of this sessions)
  • Add a title to the chat
  • Give administrators access to mute the microphone ( one by one, all mic )
  • Turn off automatic microphones in the administration configuration when people connect to the room.
  • Force users (by administration rules) to change their name/alias when they enter in a session
  • Add a timeout, which will kick everyone out (e.g. workshop between 7 and 9 pm then automatic logout)
  • Allows you to enlarge the video playback window to take up more space on the page without having to go full screen ( with my screen I have many space lost beside my video player)
  • Create a waiting room. Example: at 7pm everyone in the waiting room can enters the session at the same time.
  • Have Bandcamp player, for our listening parties
  • Allow a video reset because we sometimes lose the sync, but when it’s the administrator the video restarts! It shouldn’t.
  • Add auto-translation in the chat ( to welcome people around the world )
  • Facilitate the enlargement of user images
  • The video quality shouldn’t be reset at the next video. If you want 720 or 320 the system should always keep this quality if its available

I would have several other requests, but I will limit myself here. First of all, it would make our workshops, yoga/pilates sessions and popcorn party easier.

Thanks to the team you are great. You are saving me from depression during this covid : )

Merci gang!


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Thanks a lot for your impressive feedback. First of all im happy that Watch2Gether helped you staying positive during these times. What more could we achive! I can not give you a feedback to all of your points right now but be assured that i read them all and consider them for the next development steps! Thanks a lot!

If I can do something to help you let me know…

I forgot something in my list…

  • Readd a music from the history…to playlist…

Merci Florian!

more and more ; )

  • Add in admin menu “block screen share for all”
  • Add option to remove some files in historical
  • Add dropbox video player ( I add my video in my dropbox and I share the link and everyone with the link can read the video. If we can sync all that will be wonderfull! )

I organize commercials days a bit like the Gold Lion festival. We can watch hundreds of videos of commercials for one session. Thank you, thank you very much for adding Import Playlist. I create playlists for myself on youtube that I can import easily. This is a very nice feature.

Thanks once more for your input. Are these public events & how many users do you have in your Watch2Gether rooms?

Bonjour Florian,

It’s only private events with close friends… We are always between 5 to 8 people in the same time in the room.

More then that we have some problem with our own sound (our microphone). When many people let their microphone open in the same time and try to speak many cant ear (some yes but not all and we know that because we see they speak on their video icon). At this point I give the advise to refresh the room. The owner of the room can ear all the time. That’s why I would like the option to cut the microphone because some cant here and other forget to cut their mic. With my experience I think we can open maximum 3 or 4 mic in the same time after that it’s not working well. (maybe we need an option to block micro after 4 open!)

If you want I can invite you for my next : commercials, movies, musics, pilates event ; )

Thks for your time… And again because of this platform we not alone anymore…