Age appropriate trailers

Hi, I have just joined Watch2Gether for my 3 year old daughter to watch videos with her little cousin oversees. But from the moment I open the sight, there are trailers showing, and the content is inapropriate for her age. Besides protecting my daughter from seeing this type of material, I also don’t want it to appear to my sister (mother of said cousin), or anyone else I may invite to my viewing room, as it will be off putting to the child’s parents and they may end up not wanting to participate. Is there anything I can do to stop these trailers from showing?

Hi Nina, thanks for your input. The trailer is only shown as long as no other video has been selected for the room. So once you have chosen a video (which you can do before any other users joins the room) the trailer will never be shown to anyone in this room again. I hope this helps!