Ads redirect from W2G to other side

Sometimes wen i am on W2G i get ads that redirekt me from my room to ther side so that the video is cutted and im not anymore on W2G.


Guten Tag,
In letzter Zeit habe ich das Problem das wenn ich in W2G bin, irgendwann eine Werbung kommt die mich von W2G wegleitet und über 5 Weiterleitungen im Endeffekt auf eine Werbeseite umleitet.

MfG Andreas

Hi Andreas, you mean you are redirected without clicking on the ad? That should of course not happen. Do you remember what the ad was about and what the target of the redirect was?

Yes, this is what i mean.

no sorry, i have W2G open in the bagground and im listen to musik with frends, because of this i dont notice witch ad.

It redirects to site like this: [nsfw]

and redirects over[...]

Hi Andreas, thanks for the details. I will have to talk with the ad network about this. Does this happen every time you visit Watch2Gether?

Thank you.
No, i had it in the last week i think 2 times. And I was i think every day 3-4hours on the site, so it dosent happend everytime or often, but it happend.

Thanks a lot for the info once more. I’ll have an eye on this. As you might know, the ads are selected in an automated process by a third party network. In order to sort this out with them i need as detailed information as possible about the ad so that it can be identified. Please let me know if you see this behavior again!

It happend just now again and redirect to
wich is a pushing site. And this time I and the other person in the room were redirected at the same time.

Hi thanks for the feedback. Were you redirected after clicking on something on the site or without any interaction?

yes, i dont think that I or the other person have cliched on something.

Thanks once more. Do you remember what kind of ads were loaded before the redirect happened?

I watched it a few days so i can say what and i think its the ad under the video.

this is the ad i see the last days on your side. I hope it is this add and i can help.

Thank you! I’ll forward this to the add network & hope they can identify the campaign!