Ads every 3 minutes of the video

basically what the title says, ads on similar videos end up playing an ad for 5 seconds and the video goes back 5 seconds

other people in the room don’t see the ad, instead the video goes back 5 seconds to before the ad plays and then contunies for 3 minutes uninterrupted then repeats

the actual video doesn’t seem to have ads, even with my adblocker turned off
here’s the actual video in question:

video of the bug in action

Hi and thanks for your bug report. All videos that you see in the player are under control of the platform the video is hosted on. Watch2Gether is never adding ads to the player. In know that Dailymotion has sometimes annoying ads on their embedded player that you don’t see when you watch the video directly on their website. I will check if I can make the player code a bit more robust to keep sync I case an add is playing. Are the other users in the room using a different add blocker than you?

yes, i am using uBlock Origin and the other user in the room is using Adblock Plus

Ok thanks for that feedback. It could be that the Dailymotion ads are blocked only by AdBlock…