Add Watch2Gether dark layout

I think Watch2Gether looks better with dark version of colors on the background. I mean instead of white, the grey-black. I find that more appealing i dont know why, but it doesnt blend your eyes at first sight. Maybe you could try considering to make this the main colors or add an option to switch between the two layouts on the top right corner somewhere. It would be a nice addition i think, i mean if you guys arent already too busy with mantaining the website already.

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Thanks for your feedback! Did you try the color picker in the sidebar menu? (click on the icon in the top right of the room) There you can set custom colors and a background image!


I know that already, i was reffering to the background of all sites not just in the room. I mean like here too the background black-grey. Like YouTube has it too between night and light theme mode you can switch.

Okay I think I understand what you mean. I would require some effort to make all pages themeable but I keep you idea in mind for the next time I work on that part!