Add speed option for Youtube

It would be really helpful if we had the time scale option that Youtube has.

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Thanks for your input! I’m not sure how this would work out when the play speed has to be synced to all members of a room. What would be a typical use case for this feature?

Me and my friends like to watch a lot of podcasts and long university lecture videos where it would really save us a lot of time if we could speed up the video when someone is talking slowly.

That’s for sure a very good use case :wink: I’ll have a look at the Youtube player documentation and check whether it’s possible to control the playback speed through the player API.

Ok thank you! Some people just talk so damn slowly :joy:

This would make a great feature indeed :+1:

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: YouTube’s API actually provides an option to control playback speed but I haven’t found the time yet to implement that…