Add Next and Hide Webcam Button

Could you please add a Add Next button to the video search?
Star for Suggest
Plus for Add to Playlist
Curved Arrow to the right for Add Next?

A Hide Webcam button would be nice for low bandwidth users.

You mean something like play queue?

Be good idea ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

A separate PlayQueue would be great.

At the mo, if visitors bring their own playlists and you’re browsing through one when the current video ends, it switches to playing the list you’re looking at.

Having only one PlayQueue which you could add to directly, or from current playlists, would make things a lot easier. You could have Add All to throw an entire Playlist at the PlayQueue too.

Thanks for your feedback… how about an option for playlists to remove played songs automatically. This could be easily integrated with the current system.

We build up big playlists of everything that we might want to listen to, which takes a while to do, and then play things from those. So wouldn’t choose to delete things from it automatically.

If you could flag a playlist as “Always play from this list” and be able to copy individual tracks to it from any playlist that you’re browsing, then an “Auto delete after playing” option would be good for that.

We’d then set that up as the “Room Playlist” and use our own playlists as the source.

I see… I thought about a “Next Queue” a couple of times already but I found the implementations in other players (Spotify for example) always quite confusing. You have playlists and you have this queue. When is something played from a playlist and when from the queue?.. But maybe there is a clean solution I haven’t though of yet…

Yeah, Spotify’s UI is a bit confusing. And W2G has the extra complication of multiple people in control at once, with multiple playlists on the go.

If you’re all just searching YouTube and adding things to one playlist directly from there, it’s fine. But when you start to make use of the cool playlist functionality in w2g it can get a wee bit confusing.

It’s great that everyone can bring their own playlists to the room, and people like to have a browse around. But it would be nice to be able to queue just a few things from each persons playlist.

If there was the ability to set a playlist as “Playable” or not (true by default like the “Autoplay” option)
And also have a “Copy To” button next to each track, to copy it to another playlist…

Then the current playlist functionality would be unaffected, but you could set it up to work like a play queue if you wanted to.

You could…

Create a new playlist (eg called “Room Playlist”) and, as moderator, set it to “Playable”, and set all other playlists to “Not Playable”.

Anyone in the room, could browse any playlist and copy a track to “Room Playlist”.

If a “Next Track” event occurred, and the current playlist being viewed was set to “Not Playable”, the track would be selected from the same playlist as the previous track.

In this scenario, “Room Playlist” would play as though it’s the only playlist in the room.

Yes that would indeed be great for advanced users… I’m just afraid that it would be hard to understand for new users and quite confusing when items are played from a playlist that is not active and visible…

Maybe an “Up Next Queue” could be a solution. Items are played from that Queue and when it’s empty it falls back to the active playlist. Will have to think how to integrate that in the UI.

That sounds cool.

As you say, more complex functionality is good as long as it’s optional and new users don’t need to worry about it or even see it if they don’t want to.