Add back Full Screen button

Pretty self-explanatory,

Could we add back the full-screen button back into the video player? Probably two or three years ago it used to be an option, where with one click/tap we could enter fullscreen. Now it’s hidden in a menu.

Could we move it out of the menu and just add it back to the player next to the gear?

There was another post asking for the same thing with 5K + views.

You are right, the button is missing for some sources such as screen share. In this case you can either double click on the player or use the “f” key to toggle full-screen. Does this help?

I wasn’t aware that there was the option to double tap on the player to go full screen thank you!

I am aware that I can press F to go full screen however for users that are on mobile they don’t get that option.

I’m still a firm believer that the button should be reinstated on the player itself. It is much more convenient for a wider range of users.

Yes you are right, the option should be more present. I’ll add that to the todo list!

Awesome! I look forward to trying it out!