Ability to watch Twitch clips

While I love the addition of Twitch VoD’s, I think it would also be cool to put in Twitch clips.

This should already work when you paste a link to a Twitch VOD into the search field. Give it a try!

Ah, yes I love the VoD search addition added to the site, I was referring to clips links themselves such as the example below.

These type of links do not work whenever I put them in the search.

I understand… these are links to embed twitch content into other sites. I could add some code to parse these links and make them work will have a look at this today.

Very much appreciated!

Alright, i just added some code which should enable lookup and playback for clips. Would be great if you could test it out. Feeback is much appreciated.

Tried out multiple clips and all of them work perfectly for me.
Again, love the site and thank you very much for this.

Alright, thanks for the feedback!

Florian i think that twitch clips dont work now and i think i know why. If i put link like this:
WHICH HAS 4 words after “/” it works but if i put link like this:
WHICH HAS 5 words after “/” it doesnt work anymore. Can you please fix it ?
I will appreciate it <3

Thanks a lot for sharing this! I will check this out next week and try to apply a fix.

I just had a look. Unfortunately its not really related to the number of words in the URL. Right now i assume it has something to do with the age of the clips. I’ll keep looking into this and let you know when i found a solution.

Hello, I understand if the matter isn’t a high priority anymore but I figured I would explain my experience with using Twitch clips thus far.
It seems that clips act as timestamps for Twitch VODs and as such are subject to not working when the VODs are automatically deleted from Twitch.
The clips themselves are sort of iffy on if they will go to the correct time or start from the beginning of the VOD and this can happen independently of the people watching the video.

Thanks a lot for your input. Did you make these experiences watching clips on Watch2Gether?

Yes, and I am no developer so I can only speak from my experience, as such, whenever me or my friends attempt to put a Twitch clip into Watch2Gether it usually requires us to re-enter the clip many times until we sync up at the correct time stamp.
I mainly assumed this was de sync caused by the clip link loading the entire VOD which, due to them sometimes being many hours long, can cause some lag; this is inferred from the me only having de sync issues on normal videos whenever I don’t have much bandwidth to spare.
Again these are only my inferences and assumptions of the cause, but this is my typical experience of using clips.

Thanks for the details. I’ll run some tests when i work on the twitch player the next time. Maybe there is a way to tweak playback of clips.

I’m sorry if this topic isn’t of interest anymore, but I would very much like to put twitch clips in W2G rooms for me and my friends. However, I cannot seem to do so despite hearing otherwise from people in thread. I’m not sure if its because of new code or if I’m putting the clips in wrong. Twitch gives them to me as: https://www.twitch.tv/trihex/clip/DepressedAbstruseSamosaGingerPower I have tried many different ways though and nothing seems to work. Might I be able to get some help?

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Twitch has a bit complicated system with live streams, recordings and clips… I’ll check out the link you posted next week.

Thank you very much. I look forward to this.

There will be an update coming out tomorrow enabling Twitch Clips support.

I just rolled out an overhaul of the Twitch integration. Clips are now supported as well. Please have a look. Feedback is very much appreciated!