Ability to choose embed video

Hello, some videos are embed inside the website, and so you can’t copy their links to watch them with friends… So my idea was any option that browses the page and so, you choose the video, and once you choose it, it would start playing the selected video… That was my main idea to resolve it, but the title is what I was suggesting. Thank!

Thanks a lot for your feedback! How do you envision browsing and selecting the video on the page? Using our browser extension?

Yes, that could be an option. By the way, I do not use the browser extension, Watch2Gether itself could detect what is the embed video in a link, for example when you watch public series, its just an embed video, so you have to inspect the element and everything to watch it… Could this app do it by itself? That could allow me, who is using Watch2Gether on iPad to watch stuff here😭

The example of this would be an app called “TV Cast” that allows you to browse in their own app and it automatically detects the video in the website you are, and you just click “Play” and it starts playing, that is it. I wouldn’t know if that would be possible in here, but I am suggesting still ahah