A video format suggestion

Hey, I would like to suggest something. I use this website called Cartooncrazy. It allows you to easily watch tv shows like Family Guy, Simpsons, Pokemon, Rick and Morty and more, finding the content you want. I believe this should be associated with this website as it would be a good feature and it would make it more easier to find that type of content on youtube. Hope this is read! :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your feedback! There are unfortunately some copyright issues with these kind of websites. Its therefore not possible to include them directly in Watch2Gether.

Would it still work with W2gSync? :grinning:

You can give it a try!

My friends think its a virus, what do I do to convince them?

You mean the browser extension?

Yeah, she doesnt want to download it. ;p

There are more than 200.000 people using the extension over all platforms with overally positive reviews. Watch2Gether has been around for a couple of years as well with millions of users. I think these could be some arguments to convince her :wink:

ok thanks for the advice, lol.