A title or caption for links added to playlist

When we add any video to playlist it’s show’s the long url. Later it gets confusing which video is the long links.

It will be great if we can add title to the links in playlist!
There’s a edit button for links… like that an option for adding tittles will be nice

Thanks for your feedback. The link to edit a playlist item actually edits the title and not the link. The url is being initially used as title when there is no other title available. I know this is a bit confusing and needs more clarification.

Does this help?

Lol it’s works just like that!!
but it felt like we r editing url… thanks for clarification :two_hearts:

since i like this place so much i have some requests too

• clicking on links in chat take us to video destination… For playing in w2g we need to click on small play button at the bottom! Isn’t better to reverse this? Clicking on link should play it in w2g cause we paste link there to play it there mainly… And instead of existing play button put a ‘icon to play it in destination’

• subtitles… I guess this already asked many times but having subtitles is really helpful. subtitles are available for YouTube videos. having the option of subtitles for other videos from sources like open subtitles will be nice

• An option to clear watch history of room and delete chats