A lot of bugs with the new playlists

When I open the Playlist’s list, I cant scroll down and so cant close this window.

Here what it looks like : https://imgur.com/a/uDeFs

The other problem, I think it is one, is that we can’t change the playlist name, or change the order as we would like. When we create a new playlist, sometimes it goes to the top, sometimes to the bottom, sometimes in alphabetical order, we can’t rename them, we can’t move them. If it’s a DB, a simple button would do the trick.

Another problem is that we cant move the videos down. When we go up, it scrolls automatically to be able to get a song from the bottom, to the top, but it does not work the other way. It’s impossible to move a song at the top, to the bottom, without moving it a little by little.

The new playlist drop-down list is way better than before, it was too big now it’s quicker to switch so that’s the only thing improved. All the rest is now bugged.

Thanks for your work


Thank you very much for your valuable feedback. There was a larger update which will bring quite some advantages for the future but needs for sure some tweaking. I will address these issues next week!

Quick update:

The scroll issue with many lists has been fixed. The other points will be addressed soon since i’m working on a new playlist UI.

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