2 idears.... "Randomusers&Playlist"

hello … well i am new here and its a great thing!

just two things i see what i think what can be better (if posible)
one is to delete “Randomusers” in channle who not more online… i mean the users without a acount and random names…

second thing… if i leave my own room, and come back the playlist start from beginning, is it posible to save the video what played last?

many greetings and great job here

Thanks a lot for your feedback. The temporary users you are talking about are deleted automatically after some days. So when you wait a little bit the user list will clean up automatically. You can also ban user which are no longer in use, which makes them disappear from main user list immediately.

The current playlist item is currently not saved on the backend side. So as soon as all users go offline the playlist is reset. I might change that with a future playlist system.

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thank you :slight_smile: