Why is my username part of my email address?

When I made an account, I typed in creepvrs for the username, but on preferences it says my email address is my username. But on a different page, where it shows ‘edit profile’ it says my email is creepvrs. What is the truth?? I don’t want my email address showing, even if it’s just half of it.

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Hi & thanks for your feedback. There is a difference between Watch2Gether itself and this support forum. On Watch2Gether usernames do not have to be unique but here in the forum they have to be for technical reasons. Therefore the email is being used as username in the forum. If you want i can delete your account in the forum. You can continue using Watch2Gether itself. Please let me know.

I need to change my Name in my profile. I accidently added an r in it and didn’t notice till after making the account. It doesn’t seem to want to let me change it.
It’s currently ‘CyberDVonavren’
It should be ‘CyberDVonaven’
Thank you for helping me :slight_smile:

Hi! Are you talking about your name which is used in Watch2Gether rooms or the one here in the forum?

I have just rolled out an update which uses a random string instead of the email. It will be updated when you revisit the community using the “Community” link on Watch2Gether.