When you enter an in-progress YouTube room, the video starts from the beginning

If someone enters a room while a video is already playing, they’ll just see it from the beginning. They don’t sync up until the owner or someone else clicks on the seek bar. I’ve tested it on Chrome and IE using guest logins (with machines on different networks). It could be that this just has to do with guest logins, I haven’t made multiple accounts to figure that out.

When someone enters a room, that should trigger the room owner’s browser to automatically send the current time/status of the playlist to that specific user - just as if they had clicked on the timeline/playlist. If there is no owner present, then maybe whoever is the “oldest” user on the channel should automatically be selected to sync the new people as they come in.

Anyways, thanks for this service.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. You observation is indeed true. The video starts for a new visitor from the beginning and it takes up to 60 seconds for a resync. Currently we are working on a news Player that should change this behavior. Would be great if you could provide feedback once its online.

That’s good to hear. I like the service and the way you’ve got it all laid out. Thanks again.