We are using different video players? (+typo by website)

so i was doing a scan of my computer and i accidentally crashed my computer by doing something heavy at the same time, and had to restart my computer in the middle of the video playing for both of us
when i came back, (she recently put ‘‘players’’ option on so that she had full control over the video since it sometimes didn’t work otherwise) she could still skip forward and back however she liked, she could also pause, but she wouldn’t be controlling my player.

meanwhile my player kept it’s own timestamp, and everytime i tried to skip forward, it would skip back to where it ‘‘currently’’ would be
it took me a while to realize but i finally figured out (with help of the green bar that says ‘‘PLASE’’(typo there) use watch2gether’s video controls. that if she were to use the video player’s timestamps on the original website, that it would change the current time in my player. BUT, it didn’t change her own time, so she had to set my time, go to her own player, then set her own time to co-align (somewhat)

is this about a new update? where it applied for me, but not for her yet?

Hey, yes there was an update. You should both make sure to run the latest version of the browser extension (6.9) and reload the room. The system requires you to use the controls on Watch2Gether, but it’s much more robust especially with more users in a room.

Ups and thanks for the typo. Will update that tomorrow!

“Selected video” option disappeared after last update. Hope that will come back :confused: I usually used “Player” block option, but “Selected video” stayed unlocked.