Watch2gether is blocked for me

Can anybody help me with this problem I am having?

I have been using Watch2gether for the past 3 months with no issues. It’s been great. Today, I tried going to a room link and I got this message “Server Not Found” “Firefox can’t find the server at” Obviously I know this is not true as I have been using it regularly and was given a link to an existing room. Investigating this problem I received this message “Connection Not Encrypted” “The website does not support encryption for the page you are viewing.”

So I tried 4 different browsers, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and all gave the same error. I tried to visit watch2gether on two different devices that have different OS, different internet lines, and I was still blocked. I checked Internet security settings and even turned it off completely and that did not help. I was only able to get to these Forum pages by accessing a proxy site. The proxy site will not allow me to go into a room however. I can only use the proxy site to go to the home page.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions anyone could give me.

Thank you,

Hi Kerk, im sorry to hear that you can not access Watch2Gether. Can you contact me through florian[at] and i’ll help you.


Do you still have this issue? There was an update on the back-end servers yesterday which may have caused this issue. Everything should be working by now.

Hey Florian,
It does seem to be working now. It must have been that update that was affecting my region, preventing me from getting on the site. Thank you for your time and response and I hope to continue using this site.

Thanks again,

Alright. Thanks for that feedback and have fun with Watch2Gether :relaxed: