W2gSync not working

When syncing videos through w2gsync, the video is playing but both parties get a black screen and can only hear the sound.

Thanks for your feedback! Can you send the URL of the site your are trying to watch togehter to florian@watch2gether.com ?

[Link removed]
This was the link

Thanks for the input. Please note that W2GSync is a generic solution not tailored to work with specific sites. It tries to control the video through the low level HTML5 video API. Not all sites are compatible with this. Did this work for you before?

Yes I’ve been using this website for the whole 2 years i’ve been using w2g in, i’ll try a different website and try again

Did you try it with a different site?

I have tried it on multiple websites, it still hasn’t worked since the day I posted the topic, even though I’m on a whole new device now

Can you PM me another link of a site which is not working?