Volume level resets after new video/song starts playing

Every time a new video/song plays the volume level resets and goes all the way back up, so i have to manually lower the volume level to my comfort level

Thanks for your post. I’m having problem reproducing this problem. Do you use Watch2Gether through the website or the Android app?

I actually found one reason why this could have happened. Please check if the issue is resolved for you.

This happens to me too. Firefox 72.0.2, Windows 10 Home x64
At least reset the watch2gether volume level if the video level is going to reset each time, but you obviously have the ability to manipulate the video’s volume level…
So basically, 2 things happen when a new video plays

  • the video’s volume level goes back to full volume
  • the volume level in watch2gether remains unchanged, so you have to lower it more to lower the volume. After each video you have to go lower and lower, probably until you can’t go lower again.

Please fix this…