Video doesn't load

Hello fellow w2g team I have a problem regarding the videos i want to watch.
I already have several playlists in my room and until now (i guess) everything worked just fine but as i checked in a few minutes ago i noticed that not a single video i was selecting started to play at all. I tried lots of different videos and I also clicked the “play” button everytime but nothing happens. When i click it it just says “… resumed playback” but the video doesnt start. When i try to skip to a certain point its just the same.
If you could find some way to help me here i would be very grateful since noone benefits from a silent room!

Id like to thank you ahead of time and remain respectfully yours
A happy w2g user

ahhh nevermind i just reloaded the page and now it works XD
sorry if i wasted your time!

Hi… this was most likely caused by some old Javascript code cached in your browser. But please let me know if it happens again!