"This Live Event is No Longer Available" Error

I watch with my fiance (I’m in the states, she’s in Canada), and we’ve never gotten this error before the last two days. On regular YouTube videos (and the KC Zoo livestream we watch every day that is still up and running), only I am receiving the error, while the videos are playing fine for her. Can’t find where anyone else has reported this issue. Help?

I have an Ad Blocker on, but even when I disable it and refresh, I still get the error.
I do not use a VPN.

Same thing just happened to me! I tried disabling my adblocker and changing browsers, but no joy.

Also getting this bug

Edit: Just did some googling on the issue and it seems it’s some shitty thing youtube is experimenting with and has broken embeds on lots of sites. I fixed the problem for me by swapping to another youtube account

Thanks for getting in touch. Could you share the info you found on the issue?

I have found that logging out of youtube fixies the problem but How is that the problem

Same here, but that’s kind of annoying. Anyone have any guesses on if that’s going to be the permanent solution or is it a temporary fix and YouTube will fix its embeds soon enough?

Yes, this is an issue that only YouTube can fix on their side. Question to all who are affected: Does this error appear only on video which are actually live streams?