The settings window is glitched

Hello, I havent had this issue when I first started using the site a few months ago.

When I have the website maxed on my screen, the settings screen is cut off to the side of the small window it has for it. I assumed it was an issue with me having the screen covering half of my desktop but when I go to fix the window size, the settings screen is normal but when I go to scroll, the window gets covered with the bottom of the screen.

Please fix this, thank you

Thanks for your feedback. Can you post a screenshot of this issue (or send one by email to Which browser / version are you using?

Ive been using Firefox along with the extenstion downloaded.

When I go to use the screenshot function with the browser, the page flickered and the settings are back to normal. I moved the screen around to make sure it wasnt a one time thing but the settings seem to be fixed.

Not sure what that was about…

I’ve heard about this issue before and it seems to be related to Firefox’s hardware acceleration. May I ask what kind of graphic card you have in your system?

Intel UHD Graphics 620 if thats correct

Okay thanks. Would be great if you could take a screenshot if this happens again.