The option to disable emoji

Even if only according to individual preference, it would be pretty nice. Sometimes the emojis mess up part of what I or a friend of mine post in chat, and then we basically have to retype the whole thing while trying to find ways not to trigger them. It can get a bit tedious sometimes.

Thanks for your feedback. What do you exactly mean with “mess up part of what I or a friend of mine post”?

We use our own emotes, based directly on text. We also use a lot of special characters for other purposes. We have to actively avoid combinations that will trigger a programmed emoji, but that limits our options and we do it a lot by accident. It is very annoying.
Please add an option to turn off emojis for individual users. We would very much like to resume our communications the way we are used to.

Well we use colons and semicolons, parentheses and other punctuation marks when we’re chatting. And sometimes it turns out that what we typed up actually formed the text needed to trigger an emoji, and then all the text that triggers an emoji gets replaced with emojis, which usually breaks whatever sentences we have. Other times we do actually use an emote in text form (or try to), but the emoji it gets replaced with doesn’t fit what we use or intended to use.

Ok, i got it. I added a URL parameter that can be used to disable Emoji rendering. Simply add the parameter"render_emojis=0" to the room URL and the Emojis are not rendered anymore. For example: