The legality of streaming from other sources

I know you want to keep this within the rules of Copyright as much as posable. but if it’s being hosted on a different site all together then I don’t know if Watch2Gether would get in any real legal issues. that being said, I was thinking of why not adding direct sources.
If I have a URL that is connected directly to a video, then it should be fine to connect right to W2G, and legally again the video is on someone else’s website.

Hi! I have done some legal research and unfortunately this is a grey zone with no clear legal or illegal. I’ll keep thinking about options but i can only implement a solution that does not expose a potential legal risk. But i appreciate your input though and agree that it would be great to have an even wider choice of input sources…

I understand your worry so I got an idea that could help you. Have a disclosure agreement to members (and even to non-member if posable) to mark that they are responsible for the content they put onto their channels. that way if there is any legal problem you can show the member responsible has taken the media from a problematic source.

a lot of companies do this to protect their website while allowing a wider freedom . You can even make this a member’s only feature just so you can tie it down to a person responsible .

Thanks for that input. I’ll consider this as i move forward with new content options…