The browser crashes on Linking a Video

I tried playing online videos from sites with the help of the browser extension. The media gets detected in the new browser window. But every time I try to link the video to the default player (so that I can chat as well), the browser crashes and then restarts.
I have tried this with many videos from various online platforms.
I have tried it on Chrome and Opera browsers.
My laptop has 16 GB RAM and i5 processor, so I don’t think the problem lies in my hardware.
Please help.

Did this work for you before? The code to link the video has actually not changed in the last days.

I had tried it once, long time back. But I didn’t know that the video had to be linked by all the people in the room. But at that time, when I linked a video, it successfully showed up in the browser without any issues. But now, the browser simply crashes.