Sync System Update

Update of the Sync System

I have also found that when playing on some players now that it will force my and my friend watching exactly ten seconds apart me being on time and my friend ten seconds behind

hi and some time that I use your site/application and I find it very convenient to watch videos with others but from today I have encountered a malfunction problem for the play/pause function inside the Netflix and amazon prime type windows exiting this message [Watch2Gether: Video found - (Plase use Watch2Gether’s video controls)]. I wanted to know if it was my problem and if so how could I fix it

I am unable to scrub through the video with other people or pause for that matter either but I was working great before. I know that you are probably getting lots of these but here is another keep up good work.

So I am not sure how YouTube and all the other officially supported sites work, but I’ve been using this to watch Funimation and Crunchyroll with my friend. It was working great until today, after the new update. How it worked before is I would go ahead and post a link in the chat, then hit the play button. Then I would hit the open button where the video is normally played and it would use the extension to open a new window. This new window would be the site where I had the link to go to. From there we could pause and it would pause for both of us, and everything worked great. While I’m glad to see that this site is being worked on and improved, I am disappointed that I am unable to use this site as perfectly as I could before. I am getting a new problem now where if I pause the video, it will immediately unpause. I looked up the issue and it looks like I need to use Watch2Gether site rather than the new window, but then I would have to constantly Alt-Tab back and forth between the fullscreen show and the site to pause (I tried the “Screen Share” thing that will display the new window, but my terrible laptop can’t handle it lol). That would be annoying. So, that is the basic premise of what is wrong. Crunchyroll and Funimation won’t allow us to change what time we are watching at (for example skip to 2:00 or something), but we were able to find a site that actually allowed us to do it. So it’ll work for now, but I would like to see this issue fixed if possible. That being said, I understand if you can’t since Crunchyroll and Funimation aren’t officially supported. If that is the case, is there any chance you could support Crunchyroll or Funimation? It’s great that you can do YouTube videos for random stuff, but it would be great if we could get one of these two supported for anime.

Thanks for all of your feedback! There will be an update of the extension tomorrow which will make controling the video more convenient again. I’ll update this thread when its avaliable.

Okay! That is great to hear! Like I said earlier, it is great to see that the website is getting updates and will continue to get better as time goes on. I’ll make sure to get that update to fix the issue. If it persists, I will go ahead and say so here.

Hi! I have also found this issue, but I’ve also found that the video will jump ahead five to ten minutes in a video, either after a few seconds of starting the video or after trying to pause the video, only for it to immediately unpause and then jump ahead

Thanks for all of your feedback. Plase update your extension to version 7.0 and try again. I think it will make things a bit clearer.

Is there any chance that you’ll be able to make the pause/play and skipping work on the actual video players again? It’s a bit inconvenient to have to exit fullscreen just to pause or skip when people are just trying to sit and relax while watching. It feels like a step back from what it was before. If this isn’t possible with your current method, would it be possible for a switch to enable a legacy mode that works the way it did previously? Also, I saw an odd occurrence recently; If you skip in a video with the original video player then click pause/play at the top, it’ll skip to that time for everyone on the sync.

I really appreciate your work, by the way. I have used watch2gether with friends quite a lot. Watch2gether has made watching things with friends very easy.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I agree that the previous version was more convenient for the users. The reason for the change is the following: It’s not so easy to reliably detect events such as play, pause, seek from the controlled video. It could for example happen that one user has a bad internet connection, the video keep buffering and sends play / pause events which would make the video play / pause, stutter for everyone else in the room as well.

Having said that… im happy to improve the new solution. Would it help to make the controls at the top a bit bigger and / or move them to the bottom of the page?