Site and Firefox extension not reading one another

Hello, former user here.

Was hoping to come here for watching Netflix and other things with friends, though the website is currently not detecting the extension installed in Firefox. As well, when I click on the icon for the extension, it seems to not recognize that I’m already logged in and prompts me to do so (which if I log in there, close the pop up, and then bring it back up, it will require a login again).

Already looked for topics before, but those seemed to be for older versions, and I’m sure everything’s currently up to date.

Hi & thanks for your feedback. It sounds like there is something wrong in your setup. When you are logged in, the extension should show you a list of your rooms. Do you have any extra privacy settings enabled or privacy extensions installed? Try to disable them one by one and check if that makes a difference.

I do have a couple, though when I noticed the issue, I immediately switched them off one at a time to see if either of them were causing it. The problem persisted even after both were shut down, and I tested it multiple times.

Thanks for the info. I just rolled out an update of the extension yesterday (version 6.0) and tested it with Firefox. So I can assure you that it generally works. In order to use the W2gSync feature the extension does not need to be logged in. Did you try if watching something through W2gSync works?

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Yes, just tested and W2gSync is working.


Thanks, I will double check the extension with Firefox next week!

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I ran some tests and the extension works fine in my Firefox installation. Are you on the latest version of Firefox? It seems that somehow cookies are not persisted for the extension. Could be some privacy setting. Did you try to reset your Firefox to factory defaults?

Yes, my Firefox is fully up to date, though I usually disallow third party tracking cookies, so that might be it. Are there any particular cookies that I should add as exceptions?

The extension just needs the Watch2Gether session cookie and no further 3rd party cookies.