Search box is misbehaving

Today I have had problems searching for songs and videos generally. Searching with a certain word that I have used before, does not turn out the expected results. In fact, a bunch of rubbish that has nothing to do with what I am looking for. I have tried opening a new room, using different browsers, using an API. None of those seem to work. Searching with the link works, so it is not that the video is unavailable.
Should be mentioned that it worked as it should this Sunday.

Thanks, and looking forward to hear from you

Thanks a lot for your feedback! There were indeed some changes to the search function which might lead to different results than before. It should improve over the next time. If you want to help make it better you can send me your search word and the link to the video you would expect in the results as PM. Thank you!

I haven’t got much to comment on it, other that it is utterly terrible now. It seems that the “official” videos or popular videos don’t pop up anymore. Searching for very popular songs only gives covers or parodies, rather than the official song one would be looking for. Try for an example: See you Again, Despacito, Sweet but Psycho, thank u next, Around the World, or pretty much any song title. Even searching with the artist name along the title doesn’t do much help. Happy to hear you are working on improving it though!

Tried multiple searches and none of them work cant fund any songs atm

Thanks for your feedback! Keep in mind that you can paste a direct link into the search bar as well.

Definitely. But it is just such a hassle compared to how easy it used to be. But thank you for looking at it :slight_smile:

I’ve been having this same issue, plus, some of the results that I get are sexual content. For instance, i searched for the strokes, but in the results I got at least three masturbation tutorials. I’ts not funny anymore.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! The search function required some major overhaul and we are working on it every day. You should see further improvements soon. I’m sorry that you were confronted with unexpected content, i have now blocked the results in question. Keep in mind that you can paste a direct link into the search bar as well!


when I paste the link of my YouTube playlist on the search function. it doesnt work. it keeps saying ‘‘We found nothing’’ so i tried other links but it doesnt work at all. Can someone help me please?

Yes, im sorry this is a known issue. The cause for this is not on our side. Hope to present a permanent fix for this next week.

Okay thank u so much