Room full of 1 user

My room seems to be filling up with one user, when he logs in it seems to make a new instance of his name as well as a new online card at the top. he uses the same browser and same procedure we always have.

Image -

Hi… i guess you are talking about the user with the name “Grim”? Is there one legitimate user in the room with that nickname? When someone has no registered Watch2Gether account and cleans cookies a new user is automatically created when he / she reenters a room. Some Tipps that help:

  • Ask all users to register a Watch2Gether account to use your room.
  • Use the users section in the sidebar menu to ban unwanted visitors
  • Enable “Members only” in the sidebar menu under “Moderation”. This way new users have to be approved by the room owner before they can enter the room.

Hope this helps,


Sorry about the late reply! I’ll try that out thanks!