I have succeeded in watching a video with another person. The video stops and starts at the same time on our computers, and stays in synchronization. But when I try rewinding the video, the two videos get out of synchronization. Are we supposed to be able to use the rewind button, or is Watch2Gether not set up for that?

Hi! With rewind you mean moving the time slider back to the beginning?

Yes, moving the time slider back, but not to the beginning. I am exchanging English lessons
for Spanish lessons, and I and my partner will be stopping and rewinding to review conversations
in a video, so that one of us can translate the conversation.

Thanks for clarifying that. Are the videos still within 1-2 seconds from each other or are they totally out of sync? Watch2Gether tries to keep sync as good as possible but there might be small deviations of max ~ 2 seconds due to network delay. By the way… how do you figure out that you are out of sync? By listening to the audio?