Recent change on how the site handles connection errors

There seems to have been a change a few days ago on how connection is handled, where the page will be entirely disabled and completely disconnect you

When compared to the previous behavior, this seems to be more frequent? I could leave the site on for all day before, with it having errors maybe once or twice with autoplay or the chat, but now it seems like I get disconnected every two hours or so. My connection has always been a little unstable, but it hasn’t changed at all from before.

Because of this, I wonder if maybe the recent change to disconnect on errors could be perhaps overtuned somehow? Like disconnecting more easily on high latency spikes or on the chat stopping or something.

Another thing is that this behavior also now disables the entire page. Before, even when errors happened refreshing was only necessary rarely. This is mostly just a small annoyance, although leaving the site running overnight or without reach is impossible.
Would a way to automatically reconnect be viable?

Thanks a lot for you feedback! You are right there were some changes in the way how the site connects to the servers. In case the connection is lost, the site will try to reconnect once and reports an error if this is not successfull. When you find the site in disconnected state, can you make a right click on the site and select “Inspect” and check if there are any errors reported in the “Console” tab?

I see, thank you for the response. It’s just a minor issue, but I figured there may be something underlying.

This is the error I get. Again, my connection has always been a bit unreliable sometimes, so it’s likely it simply fails during a spike.

As a follow-up response: I’m not sure if something has been changed, but I haven’t had any errors again for over a day. The site has been running better than ever, even.
(The error message posted above seems to have been deleted? I pressume that was an admin’s doing.)
Thank you for your work.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: