Random users/bots, should i be worried?

Ive been using this for a few days and every room ive created (i only create new rooms to escape these random accounts, deleting the last rooms.) Random users/ bots i think join, just named “user-(numbers and letters)”. Ive read a few posts and apperently they are bots from google or discord but thats the problem, ive only shared the link to one peeson in private messenger dms and they still appear, diffrent ones every time. And the “user joined room” message doesnt appear for them which is concerning. They are never online even when first joining. What do i do about this and sorry its so long!

Thanks for you feedback. Which messenger do you use to share the link with the other person?

Facebook messenger app on my phone.

Do the users appear right after you have shared the link or does it take some time until they show up?

I usually end up making a room every night to watch some youtube with my friend before bed, so they appear right after we both go offline… Its odd but last nights room i didnt delete incase you need an example, or in a few hours ill be opening a new room to escape this random user.

Do I understand correctly that the additional user appear after you have left the room? How do you know they appear in the room? Because you go back to the room after a while?

Yes. Im currently watching something on the site with my friend and the other usuer hasnt apeared. But if the trend keeps happening one should appear when me and my friend go offline.

Thanks… i don’t think there is a real person joining you rooms. It is important to understand the each time you rejoin a room after you have logged out of your Watch2Gether account, deleted you cookies or use an incognito window of you Browser a new user is automatically created by Watch2Gether. To be sure you can send me a link to your room to florian@watch2gether.com and i’ll have a look.

theres a possibility it could be yourself.

in my experience, users are not kicked from rooms (unless you wait a long time), and offline users dont count as being in the room, but the service remembers they were in the room once so their icon appears as offline and when they join you will get the message.
this also counts when you go to a room (when logged out) and log into an account, you will see the ghost of your past self.

but yea, as florian said, it could just be the guest account you used to use the service the day before, and it matches the, only appears when you are offline, you can test this yourself by keeping track of the users names, did you also know even guest accounts can rename themselves, try to rename yourself and see tomorrow if this renamed version persists.
well, i mean for the other person to do this.
You can also ban people, thats always an option

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Thanks a lot for you input! You are right, temporary users are deleted by the system after about a week.

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