Questions about Settings

Hi, I’m testing out Watch2Gether in hopes of adding streaming video to a website. Couple quick questions… Is there some setting or way to have a room just simply auto-play without having each visitor click the green bar to load the interface first? Specifically as an example, there are web pages people visit that have streaming audio or radio stations that play the current broadcast once the page is loaded, without any user interaction. So can that be done with Watch2Gether? If so, I’d like to know if it’s a setting or modification. Second, is there anyway to add a live audio track to the feed? Not two way, not chat, just narration of sorts. Thank you for your help.

Thanks for you feedback!

Most browsers nowadays block autoplay of video elements. Since autoplay is an important requirement for Watch2Gether the “green bar” you mentioned is necessary. It makes sure that users interact with the page (click) before any video content is loaded and browsers will therefore allow autoplay for that seesion.

As for the audio track: This is currently not possible.