Possibilities of creating a room via https post/requests and adding media using W2gSync

Hi, my name is Aden, and I’m an avid programmer with a lot of experience, a recent side project came to mind that sounded like a great idea, so let me explain some more:

Someone brought up the idea, what if we could view specific remotely hosted mp4’s together in sync, and automatically what came to mind was watch2gether, a service I’ve been using for years.

At first I tried to re-create it… Bad idea… That would take way to long for a non-professional project, along with that my servers aren’t good enough to host something like this.

So, I looked up some documentation for the watch2gether API, all I could end up finding was a way to embed, which is great, that’s another thing I’m going to need.

But it didn’t answer my question of how I would create a room with a remotely hosted mp4 aka (W2gSync), so I ended up coming here to see if this is even possible or if I could get possibly some hidden documentation.

Thanks in advance, sincerely Aden.

Hey please check this out Watch2Gether API Documentation