Pinging people in chat

Not sure how to say this but I think it’d be a good idea to add an option to “ping” users in watch2gether rooms. Currently if someone fullscreens they kind of forget about the chat so if I want to say something to them they won’t respond. Perhaps you could add something like discord pings. If you @username you’d ping them and they would get a notification. If you were to add this you could also add a feature to disable it for some people who dislike it. Just a thought.

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Maybe it would help as well to simply play the existing notification sound when someone is in fullscreen? Currently it’s only played when the browser tab is not visible.

Maybe. But it’d have to be when someone specifically pings the user. Like if it was the notification sound for every message then it’d be super weird. But I think that might work.

I understand what you mean… Implementing a private messaging system is a bit out of scope for the moment. I could simply play a sound when someone is in fullscreen and something happens in the chat but im not sure if that would be too annoying as a user who is in fullscreen might not be interested in the chat?..

I think it would be too annoying. If it was just when they are pinged it’d be fine but otherwise it’d be way too annoying due to how fast the chat can/could be at times.