Persons get kicked from groups

thanks for responding im very sorry it seems that the vod was muted for the second half the only issue i have with this website is that people get kicked from groups and the page will crash every so often but im sure you are aware of that

Hi and thanks for reporting this. Were your watching videos from Youtube on Watch2Gether? Or any of the other platforms?

Please tell me more about people getting kicked from groups. You mean they are banned by the room owner? I would also like to learn more about the crashes that you experience.

Well whats happens is a new room is made and after about a few hours well under the 24 hour period in witch rooms are timed out people loose connection to the room. I see the name go away and its says you have been disconnected on there end. And this is on Youtube that this happens.

Hmm, i wasn’t aware of this problem. Can the affected users reload the site and join the room again in this case. Or does the room become totally unusable?

Sometimes its both they are able to rejoin the same room and other times it has to be remade very strange.

Please send me a link to a room in PM when this happens the next time. I’ll have a look then…

How is it that I can PM you I cant seem to find that option for next time this occurs. Or would you like me to reply to this topic

Please send me an email to: