Pausing Chat scrolling?

Is there a way to pause the Chat jump-to-the-end of the list scrolling? If I scroll back to read some earlier chat messages to try to read them, every time someone posts a new comment in the chat, the list of Chat messages jumps to the new Chat message. If a lot of people are posting Chat messages, it is effectively impossible to read old Chat messages.

Thanks for your feedback! I agree this would be a nice addition. I’ll keep it in mind for when i work on the chat the next time!

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Thank you Florian,
For several years I have belonged to the Disneyland Fan Club Meetup Group. We used to meet in person to enjoy the attractions at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure together, but those Disney Parks have been closed since March due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Even when they reopen in July, many of us will regretfully be unwilling to return until there is either a vaccine or a therapeutic (a treatment) for the coronavirus. I am 66 and am in one of the high risk groups for getting very sick (or worse) if I get COVID-19, so going out in public except when necessary is something that I will continue to avoid for the foreseeable future.
Instead, while staying at home for the past few months, we have been meeting every Saturday afternoon (for at least two hours beginning a 4pm PST) on Watch2Gether to watch curated worldwide Disneyland theme parks YouTube videos, and to chat constantly with each other while we are watching them. This is a great way for us to socialize with each other, as well as to get out of our homes and visit the parks virtually. I have now seen many Disney Parks around the world that I have never seen before, and feel like I have not only maintained but strengthened my friendships with other group members. I look forward to our Watch2Gether Meetups very much.
The problem that I have, as I noted in my “Pausing Chat scrolling?” comment, is that whenever I look away from the Chat window to watch the videos, I miss some of our group chat. I then try to scroll back in the Chat to catch up, but the Chat jumps to the most recent message every time someone posts a new message. It is all but impossible to catch up sometimes.
Thank you for recognizing that this can be a problem, and for keeping this proposed addition in mind when you work on the Chat the next time. I eagerly look forward to you making it possible for individual participants to independently pause the Chat scrolling.
Jan Wagner

Hey Jan, thanks a lot for your convincing input :slight_smile: I just rolled out a fix which should resolve this issue. Can you give it a try and let me know if it works for you?

I’m not sure, but has this fix been applied to all users? because if so, the chat stopped auto-scrolling down all together, but a good way that i used to use to scroll back up is keep pressing of the left button on the mouse to hold the page in place, so it’s scrolling up using the mouse buttons and not letting go.

Hey it should be disabled all together. Which browser are you using? Mobile or Desktop?

Desktop, how can i get that feature back?, it’s really hard to keep scrolling down @user_95f53b7185f71fb

Thanks for your feedback! I have disabled the new feature for now. Reload and you should be fine. There seem to be some cases that i did not foresee. Will have a second look tomorrow!

Hi Florian,
Thank you for working on adding this feature. Sorry that I took so long to read your message and reply. I’ve been busy publishing my weekly column.
I have read Pagan’s messages about an unintended consequence of the new feature. Under the circumstances, you had no choice but to disable it. Hopefully you can figure out a different way to implement it.
Our Disneyland Fan Club Meetup Group’s next Watch2Gether visit to the Disney Parks will be this Saturday at 4:00pm (Pacific Time). Hopefully you will be able to figure this out by then. Whether you are successful or not (and I do hope that you will be), I very much appreciate that you are trying to do so.
Thank you.
Jan Wagner
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So… i just updated this feature to a more robust implementation. Would be great if both of you could give it a try!

@user_95f53b7185f71fb It’s working well for me, thank you so much.
Much appreciated.

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Hi Florian (and Pagan),
Thank you very much for adjusting the Chat scrolling so that we can pause it to read the messages.
Our group typically only meets on Saturdays (at 4pm PST). How can I do as you ask and check out the Chat feature before then? I tried going to one of our previous meetings via History, but there is no Chat bubble to show me our Chats for those meetings.

Hi Florian,
I am using Watch2Gether now with my Disneyland Fan Club Meeting Group. The Chat is way better. Now it just automatically scrolls up to chat messages one at a time as they are added. That is way better than it jumping from whatever I was reading to the end of the Chat.
Thank you!

Cool, thanks for that feedback!