Not received confirmation email, and more

I know the email is correct because after changing room name i got an email for it, instantly. so what do i do now? checked and only 1 email from you and its not a confirmation. so what do i do now

on that topic, tabs are a bit weird. When i created a new account, on a new tab, the old tab did not register it changed so it thought i was the old person but sent messages as the new person (if that makes sense) hoping to have kept the current character but never mind.

Also was not able to change status.

also does not feel very comfortable the layout especially with image or colour change, icons need a background at the least to make it more comfortable on many things.

thats about it for now, but hoping for confirmation email and there is no resend button, really needs that

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Thanks a lot for your feedback! You can resend confirmation emails from here:

Make sure to check your Spam folder as well!


yea i got an mail stating i have not confirmed yet,
a good way to bug fix,

so yea that part was resolved, also think the confirmation link should be put somewhere on profile just in case, because i was a bit lost without it

(it was not in spam,it never actually came though the first time)

Thanks for the update! I’m glad that you were able to confirm your email now.

i haven’t gotten ANY emails from W2G and it keeps saying I need to confirm email before continuing. I’ve resent the request several times, even deleted and recreated an account. what the heck?

Just to clarify
you need to wait for the system to send its own confirmation email, clicking the resend confirmation email do-sent do anything so the only solution is patience (or at least it was at the time)

Same problem, waiting for the email, try to resend still waiting

Did you guys check your spam folder?

Hi, how can I cancel my Plus account, thank you!

After Login, click on “Edit my Profile” on the right, then on “+PLUS”. From there you can manage your subscriptions. Hope that helps!

Been waiting maybe 2 hours. Checked my spam folder. Still no confirmation email. :frowning:

hey Florian!

if we’re still not receiving our emails after 3 tries, is there some way that we can change our addresses to try again?

thanks! :partying_face:
Mr. T

UPDATE: ok, i used this I can't verify my e-mail - #2 by user_95f53b7185f71fb & was able to generate a new new NEW email & finally log on, thanks!! 2021-02-02T05:00:00Z :male_detective:

Thanks a lot for the feedback. Im glad it worked now!