No fullscreen on mobile

I can’t turn on full screen on my mobile, after i tap screen UI doesn’t show up so there is no fullscreen button. Can You please fix this?

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It most likely means that full screen is not supported by your device. Are you using iOS?

Some goes to mine as well, it was working fine in the past but issue happens 2 days ago…I’m using android phone, tried with few phones all having the same issue. Please advise.


We used to have few bottons to control volume and full screen, now the buttons is not appear on the right bottom corner anymore.

You mean the controls when screen sharing? They will come back next week!

Nope…I’m referring to the user who join the session via their mobile’s browser, user unable to set full screen.

Hi team,
I still can’t set full screen on mobile phone and volume too.
Please advise


Are you using an iPhone?

Hi Team,
As i mentioned earlier, I’m using Android phone.