Need help to create a massive event

Hello, what I’m about to say is a little bit weird but hope all of you understand the situation. I’m from Spain, to turn more specifically from a little town in the north of 300.000 habitants called Gijón. As you may know my country along Italy and China are passing through a very difficult situation due to coronavirus.

The situation right now is very complicated… Classes have been canceled, borders have been closed and no one can leave their homes unless it is for a special reason. Authorities say the worst is yet to come.

Many of you have probably seen on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks how the confined people make events in their neighborhoods … From their windows they put music, sing, dance, applaud, play bingo …

The initiative that we are carrying out is to create a massive event to play songs simultaneously in almost evrey house of the city. We want people to connect their computers or mobiles to a speaker, put it in the window and create a Watch2Gether session to play YouTube songs at a time.

I would need help to know how many people can connect to the web simultaneously without suffering crashes. Thank you all for the answers!

Thanks a lot for getting in touch! There actually not hard limit for that but of course there might be a limit what the overall infrastructure can handle. How many people can you reach?

I’m not shure about it but we hope at least a 1000 people…

The whole system can easily handle that amount. An individual room however, is more made for smaller groups (friends, couples, role play) where the interaction between users is the focus. Rendering 1000 user avatars into the room could make site feel slow on weaker hardware. You can of course give it a try but it could be that a streaming site such as is a better choice for your plan.

We will give it a try! Thank you!