My friend has been IP banned 10 minutes ago when writing this topic

Dear Watch2Gether Support,

around 10 minutes ago, my friend has been IP banned from the Watch2Gether websites.
He said it happened due to his modern mouse that has many different buttons on it to allocate different tasks.
One button has the ability to “click” many times a second. A missclick resulted this massiver spamming in the lobby. Fortunately, he uses this button rarely and it wasn’t intentionally to spam the lobby with this mistake. He really regrets what happened and will obviously not do it again. I would kindly ask you to unban the IP (withdrawn) because he doesnt own a Watch2Gether account right now.

EDIT: I have removed the IP because my friend wished to remove it right now. Please ask me for the IP afterwards.

Hi… no problem. Mistakes happen… your friend should have been unbanned by now.