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I found your site/service after conceiving of a related idea and wondering if it was already available. Thanks for putting this general idea forward. However, after a(n admittedly) brief look at what you actually offer, I would like to describe what I was actually hoping for which would combine watching together online with watching together in person. I do realize that you may not like the latter because it might take away revenue potential during people watching together through you online. The three parts I do not see here are:
(1) Advanced connecting and planning - Allow users to list things they are interested in viewing/doing or, better yet, to click on items in lists (i.e. list of movies). The latter would allow for instant connection with people who have clicked on the same interest and then coordination of a time to do it together.
(2) Create the option of people watching what is on the screen of only one user, i.e. content that is only local to that user, e.g. a family video only stored on my computer or a DVD that only I have.
(3) Allow people’s city of residence to show if they want and instantly categorize matches made in my #1 suggestion with other local people in case they would prefer to connect towards watching together in person. To this end, to make it more appealing and safe for all, you may want to connect in some way with Facebook.

Thanks for your attention.

Thank your very much for your input. Your idea goes indeed beyond the scope of what Watch2Gether is today. I totally agree that it’s always nice to meetup in person when possible. However, to adapt this concept into an online platform would require quite a big change and a bunch of additional features. But im open for a discussion and brainstorming here in the Community.

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