More custominzation

Now I’m unsure if this idea has ever been brought up however.

Do you think in the future you could consider having more customization for rooms? As in certain images to customize the room to like a bit nicer and more unique?

Its just a thought and if it has been brought up before just delete this post.

I would like to see something similar, but only for practical reasons rather than for aesthetic ones. I have a lot of trouble looking at white and bright lights. It hurts my eyes. It would be a big relief if things could be black with white text instead.

Thank you both for your input. Yes we are working on a feature like this. It will take a bit of time, since we want to keep the customizations in-sync with all users of a room.

There is now a new feature online which allows users to change the room colors. A first step towards customizations . I hope you like it!

The new color feature is pretty good!