Moderator playlist limiting deletion of play list or altering future comment section

HI AGAIN ! Have an option that will keep people from altering or deleting the playlist or future comment section. HOWEVER still allow them to play the list with the moderator away. As when i am away, they need to be able to watch the videos or use as a teaching aid on both the permanent playlist and the ability to play other video they know about , that i have yet discovered. But it will keep visitors from altering the play list or the well needed comment section of the chosen topic of said list. ANOTHER option could have a visitor suggestion playlist as when i get back. I will be able to moderate whether or not the video is something that should be added to the permanent list

Hi Again! This goes into the direction of a more advanced moderation system. Its on our list but also a question of resources and priority when it can be implemented.

Yes, I understand the resource problem. Glad i could help. Trolls have found a new playground, and do like to make changes.